Hi, ✨ I'm Alex Noirs, a Life & Sex Coach, Orgasmologist, Dom, and Sensual Bodywork Practitioner.

I am guiding women towards success through solving sexuality-related issues.
Discovering your unique sexual personality not only leads to deeper orgasms, increased libido, and enhanced sexual confidence but also elevates satisfaction with your personal life and financial results.
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About Me

Welcome to my transformative world of self-discovery.

For half my life, I've been immersing myself in the practical knowledge surrounding women's sexual physiology, resolving intimacy issues, and mastering the essential components of success and the art of sensual life satisfaction.

Facts you usually want to know about me:
  • I am a 40-year-old straight man from Northern Europe.
  • Permanently living and practising in Asia.
  • I have travelled worldwide over the last 20 years, learning and practising.
  • My interests are sexual research, orgasmology, self-exploring & improvement, a healthy lifestyle, sharing knowledge, and connecting with great people and new cultures.
  • I've developed projects such as "AI-Sex Therapist," "Sacral Bodyworks", "Sexunamy Training," and the "Orgasmologist Protocol," a foundational method for transformative journeys of sensual self-discovery and intimate healing.
Why do I do this?
  • I'm passionate about offering women opportunities to find success both in their daily lives and in the exploration of their sensual selves, breaking free from centuries-old patriarchal legacies and the weight of judgmental cultural and societal pressures.
Now, I practice in Asia, helping thousands of women find self-discovery, confidence and pleasure.

My Way

My journey started twenty years ago, my first partner had a sexual problem with achieving orgasm and vaginismus, so It was a significant signal to begin learning how to solve it by myself.

Anticipating, I'll mention that we soon successfully resolved this issue.

From that time, this topic led me. I travelled around the world and learned hundreds of courses and techniques. Worked with thousands of clients from more than a hundred countries with different cultures and sexual traditions.

And we all know if you read, learn, understand and practice for a long time, you will become quite good at it.

So, love, destiny and my hunger for information made me good at somatic sex therapy.

Side Effect

With time, I discovered the curious side effects of my practice, which altered my mindset and approach. Solving issues related to sexuality has a transformative impact on a person's life results and level of happiness.

Why? Artificial sexual taboos, culture, religion, and social pressure block our sensuality deep inside, making us less sensitive and limiting our creativity and possibilities to express ourselves in everyday life.

For thousands of years, society has shamed women for their sexuality and bodies, and it judges any expressions different from its norms of sexual ideas. But sex has no place for shame or ideas of normality because it is a pure creative mix of emotions and fantasies. When we suppress creativity in one part of our lives, we can't be successful and creative in another because it alters our reactions. So, the side effect is that when you discover and unblock your real sexual personality, you will become more successful in life, career, relationships, etc.

My Session's Atmosphere

I understand – that starting a sensual session can be a bit nerve-wracking and many people feel nervous. Still, after our intro conversation, they describe feeling safe and comfortable with me throughout the session.

My approach maintains professionalism, politeness, and gentleness, always respecting your boundaries without misinterpretation.

With me, you can embrace your true self. I never share your information and hold no opinions or judgments about you. Our goal is to liberate you from sexual stereotypes and help you explore your sensual personality.

The session focuses on your sexual education, pleasurable experience and self-discovery, deeply exploring your body's sensual possibilities and erogenous zones and the origins of your true sexuality and dormant sensitivity.

How Are My Techniques Different From Others?

I never perform bodywork as a mere service. I aim to provide you with a bespoke aprouch, a delightful experience, positive emotions, novel insights, and assistance resolving intimacy issues.

I. #1 Profesional Orgasmologist: I specialise solely in women's sensuality, guiding transformative journeys of self-discovery and intimate healing grounded in scientific research. My unique approach, the Orgasmologist Protocol, is personally crafted and empowers women to address sexual concerns effectively. Unlike other methods, it emphasises empowerment and sensual self-discovery, encouraging women to explore their bodies, emotions, and desires with curiosity and openness.

II. One-Of-Kind Bespoke Sessions Experience: Before the session, you take a sensual quiz and I take the time to research your wants, sexual base and healt circumstances. This way, every session ensures a bespoke approach and is custom-tailored to meet your individual needs, paying attention to your sensual experience, bodily requirements, and psychological and sexual psychotype.

III. My sessions can contain mental therapy and bodywork techniques such as:

- Sex couch consultation.

- Psychologic support therapy.

- Sensual manifestation.

- Breathing and meditation.

- Aroma therapy.

- Cuddling therapy.

- Spiritual energy work.

- Sensual body oil massage.

- Bondassage (soft BDSM massage).

- Tantric Yoni massage.

- Shibari Kinbaku (japanese bondage).

- Squirting - hunk hands.

- Sensation play.

- Domination (role play/fantasy, blindfolding, spanking, etc.).

IV. You'll always receive more from me:

  • There is no rush, good vibes, and slow conversation.
  • High professionalism and work ethic.
  • Female safe, friendly and not sexual services.
  • No extra or hidden payments.

Why do you need it?

First, because you deserve it, second, the bespoke session is tailored exclusively for your self-improvement!

The main rule for embarking on an exciting, enjoyable, and orgasmic sexual journey is first to understand what works for your body and brings you happiness in the bedroom. Once you have explored and discovered your desires, you can confidently share them with your partner, creating a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual connection.

The best part of the session is that it is dedicated solely to your sexual education and experience. You don't need to worry about safety, focusing on your partner's pleasure, or forcing your body to enjoy or achieve an orgasm. You can simply relax and enjoy a unique experience in a comfortable space.

It is an opportunity to have several hours of your own time and a cosy atmosphere to enjoy and understand reactions and sensual nuances between your body and mind's orgasmic senses and the origins of erogenous feeling sources.

What results you can expect?

Self-confidence boosts: understanding that you don't have as many sensual issues as you thought before and getting instructions to resolve the last ones.

Elevate sexual self-education: getting ideas and pieces of knowledge on how to improve your sexual life and ways to share them with your partner. Having answers to important intimacy questions.

Get a great orgasmic experience: opening new senses, erogenous zones, and ways to reach orgasmic feelings.

Promote personal wellness: a physical and psychological sexual stress relief.

Have a selfish good time: conversation, novelty, ecstatic, fun, relaxation, self-care.

Self-fulfilment: elevate satisfaction with your personal life and financial results.

Resolve other intimacy issues.

Why Do Women Choose Me?

My bodywork sessions are exclusively crafted to enrich women's sensual wellness and sexual self-improvement.
  • Pleasure and Novelty
    • Getting an extraordinary and pleasurable experience.
    • Exploring new levels of sensations.
    • Enjoying deep sensuality.
    • Initiating erotic awakening.
  • Sensual Well-being
    • Balancing of body and mind.
    • Pursuing overall sexual well-being.
    • Addressing specific health concerns.
  • Therapeutic Preventative Care
    • Using prophylactic sessions to reduce psychological sexual tension and relieve physical stress within a secure, non-risky, non-judgmental, and hygienic environment.

Important - It is a professional, female-safe service: there is no sexual exchange during a session!

My Sensual Bodyworks & Workshops

Depending on personal circumstances (body sensitivity, mental situation, possibility of relaxation) and your goals, session durations can range from 3 to 6 hours, with prices varying from $300 to $600.

"Sensual Potential" Diagnosis Bodywork Session
  • This diagnosis bodywork session combines the ancient art of tantric yoni massage with sensual bodywork techniques to assess the level of the sexual connection between your body, soul, and mind.


  • You'll be introduced to sacral sexual therapy, gaining a deeper understanding of your body's sensitivity levels.

Receive feedback on how your mind sensually interacts with body language and recommendations on how to enhance your sexuality.



  • Introduction conversation.

Sensual diagnostic bodywork.

  • Tantric Yoni massage.
  • Post-consultation and recommendations.
"Feminine Renaissance" Sexuality Recovery Program
  • This one-of-a-kind program offers a step-by-step approach to recovering your pleasure potential, leading to a more sensual, orgasmic, and satisfying personal life.
  • The program duration varies based on individual circumstances.
  • The 1 part includes a curious knowledge of how sexuality works in your mind, soul and body and how it impacts the level of satisfaction with your personal life results.
In the 2 part, we will make your step-by-step life-changing guidebook to increase your sensuality and become more sexually confident, happy and successful.
  • The 3 program part encompasses various sensual bodywork techniques focused on:
  • Explaining your pleasure anatomy.

Overcoming shame and taboo blocks.

How to perform your secret and kinky dreams.

Teach you how to recognise erogenous zones, and sensual energy and feel more orgasmic feeling.




My one-to-one counselling and coaching sessions

My rates are $100 per hour (60 min), with the average counselling or counselling session lasting approximately 1.5 hours (90 min).

Sexual Counseling
  • Sexual counselling helps those who are experiencing difficulty in their love life, and those who want to improve physical intimacy, and possibilities to achieve orgasm or fix sexual issues.
The session lasts 1.5 hours.

  • Format: Personal.
For whom: any gender.
Personal Growth & Financial Success Coaching
  • Coaching is for anyone aiming to improve themselves personally while also achieving financial success. Whether you want to enhance your personal development or secure a better financial future, it is tailored to help you reach your goals faster and more effectively.
The program duration varies based on individual circumstances.

  • Format: Personal.
For whom: female.

My Training, Tours and Lectures

You can book my services in any country. Prices are determined individually and vary based on my location.

  • One of the most important and life-changing training is "Sexunami". We create your sensual guidebook to increase your sensuality and become more sexually confident, happy and successful.
  • Online/Offline.
  • Format: Personal & Microgroups.
  • For whom: any gender.
  • This comprehensive lecture contains an encyclopedia of my practical knowledge of women's sensuality, sexual health, and foundational principles for enhancing their life satisfaction.
  • Format: Personal & Microgroups.
  • For whom: female.
Pleasing the Partner
  • Educational workshops for individuals of any gender, help them learn how to please their partner and become better lovers.
  • Format: Personal.
  • For whom: any gender.

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Questions and answers about safety and guarantees

Find answers to boost satisfaction with your sexual, professional and personal life.

1. Learn more info about the practitioner.

2. Use critical thinking - legitimate therapists aren't afraid to invest money and time to build an informative website and provide instructions and pre-consultations for clients.

3. Read reviews.

4. Check his website - legitimate therapists aren't afraid to invest money and time to build an informative website and provide instructions for clients.

5. Don't ask for a photo; ask for a video call meeting before the session.

6. Get a pre-consultation about your situation, and be sure the therapist cares about you.

7. Ask about sexual services. Some people use terms like "tantra" to sell sex services.

8. Don't be mistaken by age or gender, as men and women can be equally good and bad people.

Be aware if you meet a person who left a listing in the classified and has nothing about him, his services, or only his phone number.