Rebranding of the International Statistical Agency

The rebranding of the International Statistical Agency is an exciting opportunity to refresh and modernize the agency's brand and better communicate its role and value to its stakeholders.

The new brand identity will reflect the agency's commitment to providing reliable, relevant, timely statistical information and services to governments, organizations, and individuals worldwide.

The rebranding process will involve a comprehensive review of the agency's current brand strategy, market positioning, and communication channels, as well as an analysis of the evolving needs and expectations of its diverse audiences.

The agency will work closely with branding experts, statisticians, and other partners to develop a clear and compelling brand message and visual identity that resonates with its stakeholders, builds trust and credibility, and strengthens its global reputation as a leading statistical authority.

The rebranding effort will also include a robust communications plan to ensure the successful rollout and adoption of the new brand across all channels and platforms and to engage stakeholders in the agency's ongoing mission to advance statistical knowledge and practice for the betterment of society.

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